Monday, March 19, 2012

my dear friend kristina. raw. vegan. create. free bird.

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when it comes to healing, everyone has a personal journey, a personal story. . and so does my dear friend kristina taylor. i met kristina during the summer of 2010. we clicked right away, touching on similar interests and struggles. we are kinda like opposites that attract, but in many ways we are very alike. i am, well- me, a bit fiery and excitable... kristina on the other hand is calm and collected. she just has this cool demeanor about her.. and.. i must say this girl is multi-talented! fine arts photographer, writer, artist, a fine eye for aesthetics and.. etc etc. she can create, build, do your tarot and birth chart all at the same time! what girl doesn't like her tarot cards read and birth chart done?! 
a lot of changes, positive change for kristina this year.. through her struggles, she has found growth, personal evolution and adapted to the raw vegan diet. kristina has since lost over 70 pounds!! she is now thriving on fresh vegetable juices, fruits and salads!
she was always great company, but now she is vibrant and.. happy. she is one of the most positive and encouraging women i know. i think we learn a lot from each other. i am grateful for our friendship. oh- and we both  kale.  
so to celebrate kristina at vluscious.. here is her raw bok choy salad recipe! Simple and tasty!

lots of love,
sussanna xx

some things 
kristina can't live without..
  • tea
    coconut water 
    almond butter 
    dark chocolate 
  • laughter

    bok choy (flowers)!
    himalayan pink salt (pretty)
    gorgeous & tasty!
    kristina's raw bok choy salad

    4 bulbs of baby bok choy
    italian seasoning
    olive oil                    
    balsamic vinegar or(you can substitute with apple cider vinegar)
    sea salt
    raw sesame seeds

    cut up bok choy
    slice scallions
    dress with olive oil
    italian seasoning
    balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar
    sea salt 
    mix well
    taste and add more seasonings or sea salt to your liking
    sprinkle in sesame seeds