Sunday, July 1, 2012

In the mood for   ... in the mood for beets 
... in the mood for ..  borscht! I have been dreaming of a bowl of borscht ever since stopping in for a midnight cup of peppermint tea with my friend at veselka the other night. veselka, an east village staple, is what new yorkers' know as the 24 hour ukrainian diner on the corner e9th street and 2nd avenue. i had lived on e9th street once upon a time .. i remember a few emergency late night perogies.. and well.. i actually never had their borscht.. but i have been craving borscht ever since hanging out there the other night. well- and i ♥ beets!
so, i checked out a few recipes online and adjusted to my liking. here is my version of a raw vegan borscht . i like to make food that is easy, simple and clean. this borscht is refreshing, satisfying and delicious!

red beet & pretty golden beet

fresh dill!

raw vegan borscht!
my borscht in instagram setting :)

for this recipe, you will need a juicer, a vitamix or(high speed blender)

1 cup of beet juice
1 cup of carrot juice
half of an avocado (for creaminess)
1 small beet chopped
juice of half a lemon (you can add more to your liking)
1 pinch of sea salt
a dash or 2 of grounded fresh pepper

1 small beet chopped into matchsticks
1 small golden beet chopped into matchsticks
half of a small red onion chopped 
half of an avocado sliced
a handful sprigs of fresh dill 
lemon juice to taste
fresh ground pepper to taste

blend top ingredients together in vitamix or high speed blender. 
pour into soup bowl and garnish with chopped red & golden beets and some chopped onions.
put in rest of the onions and dill- be generous with the dill(delicious)
add in sliced avocado
squeeze in more lemon juice- it really brings out the flavor!
add another dash of pepper
serves 2 

pretty &

p.s. i made this tonight so i did the best i can with the photos. i hope i captured some of the borscht's color and prettiness even without natural sunlight.