Sunday, February 5, 2012

vluscious: vegan. raw. conscious. luscious. health. food. green. beauty.

vluscious: vegan. raw. conscious. luscious. health. food. green. beauty. (health is wealth. beauty comes from within- in and out!)
i first started vluscious in the beginning of 2011. i have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. so, here goes.. (my website is coming up- slowly but surely)
vluscious is vegan. raw. conscious. luscious. health. food. green. beauty. you don't have to be vegan or raw to benefit from vluscious. here, you will learn about better choices. learn about food combining. learn the importance of fresh vegetable juicing(green juice- essential!) learn the importance of whole foods. kick the habit of processed foods. learn about detox & healing. recipes for healthy juice combinations. my favorite easy to make salads and recipes + other yummy recipes featuring local green chefs. fun and cool things that are conscious, luscious, healthy, yummy, green and beautiful. oh- and the importance of colon cleansing. that's right, colonics- gravity centered colonics.

me- i am sussanna. my path to healing, like many others, have been a personal one. i feel blessed to have learned about this lifestyle and way of eating. i first heard of it when i was 19 years old- even back then it had already made 100% sense to me. however, it was not until my mid 20's that i incorporated it into my way of living. at that point i started to fall ill and learned of an illness that i have had since infancy. a diet of fresh raw vegetable juices, fresh ripe fruits & raw vegetables, combined with proper food combining, along with colonics started to turn things around for me. my teachers have been gil jacobs. tommy devito. michael perrine. i have learned so much from these 3 guys. i am forever grateful for their help and generosity over the years. i follow the teachings of arnold ehret(the mucusless diet healing system) and dr. norman walker(fresh vegetable and fruit juices).
oh- i am a dietary detox consultant and a certified colon therapist since 2004, from the wood hygienic institute in florida. i work at releasenyc, a comprehensive healing center in manhattan, new york, owned by tommy devito
i love self portrait photography. music. film. nature. city. i sometimes play the ukulele. i sometimes knit. i sometimes make jewelry & things. i love making yummy, healthy food. i am semi- creative and now.. semi- blogger?! this is something new for me(blogging)...

some things i can't live without..
green juice
coconut water
salads with avocado :p
sea vegetables
something sweet (fruit)
oh- and

so... my apologies for the quality of posted photos. most of them are taken from my camera phone and.. i'm new to this blogging business. picture quality will get clearer and better when i get my hands on a nicer camera.

lots of love,
sussanna xx
(drink your greens)

my easy to make avocado salad:

romaine lettuce
shredded carrots
purple cabbage(not in this photo but will post one with it another time)
nori or dulse(both are sea vegetables that can be found in most local health markets)(i usually add BOTH! i love, love dulse and nori)
a little bit of olive oil
garlic powder
onion powder
celtic sea salt

add olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder and celtic sea salt to chopped romaine lettuce and chopped cabbage. mix well.
add avocado, nori or dulse. mix again.
shred in carrots.
taste- add more seasonings to your liking(i am usually pretty generous on the garlic powder)
yummy and easy.


  1. Oh yum! I'm on a juice feast at the moment but when I'm off of it...I will make this, exactly what I've been craving since January 1st! Much love x

    1. Good luck and feel great on your juice feast! That reminds me... time for a cleanse for me too- soon! I hope you will like the salad when it is time for it. So simple to make and you can splurge on the dulse and nori :)